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   Monday, November 01, 2004  

Gen. Tommy Franks

I have had a high level of admiration for Tommy Franks since I have become aware of him. He has been on the radio a lot as of late, serving two roles. One being the promotion of his book "American Soldier". The other being his promotion of George W. Bush for a second term in office.

Today he appeared for two segments on "The Tony Snow Show", and was his usually persuasive and optimistic self. They covered a lot of ground, including the 'outsourcing of the capture of OBL at Tora Bora', the missing 380 tons, and whether he thought Kerry's 1971 hearing testimony was fair game in this campaign.

He stated that one of the factors which motivated him to actively support President Bush for re-election was Kerry's 1971 testimony. He further expounded that as a veteran of that war, he felt that Kerry had betrayed his comrades in arms, and that his conduct after he left Vietnam absolutely should be 'on the table' in this campaign.

He also mentioned a reply he gave a woman in California who asked him what was the exit strategy for the Iraq occupation. He replied "When we win". When asked how much money it will cost, " I will tell you when we win".

This is the attitude necessary to perservere and win. I will only add to the answer of how much the war in Iraq, whatever the price, it will be cheaper than having to confront Saddam at a latter date when he has long range missiles tipped with wmd, which the Duelfer report confirmed he was maintaining the capability to reconstitute and continue further development.
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