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   Monday, November 01, 2004  

Live Blog Bush's Dallas Campaign Stop

Listening on WBAP radio who is carrying it live, 9000 tickets which were given away before the event was publicly announced.

Loud crowd, chanting 4 more years...

Laura doing intro after having been intro'ed by unknown male voice.

Laura, just listening to her Texas drawl is refreshing.

Short intro, about 2 minutes.

Bush mentions 2000, his last campaign rally was Dallas and he won. This year, after 6 campaign stops, Dallas is his last campaign stop and he is going to win.

Says he has a feeling Texas will be a Red state tomorrow... heh.

lol, says most important reason to put him back in, so Laura will be First lady for 4 more years. "She has put her SMU degree to good work." (a shot at the view that many female college students major is a future successful husband?)

(Speech venue is SMU meeting hall)

Making jokes, identifying with college crowd. complimenting daughters help on the campaign trail, "no you cant have thier phone number".

Asking everyone to vote... to vote for Pete Sessions in his campaign over M. Frost. (Happy day when Frost is gone.)

Thanking various other State and national Texas Republicans, both senators, etc.

Big cheer for him thanking Toby Keith... "sounds like maybe he should be running"

Thanks the other entertainers, Tracy Bird and SMU band. Thanks attendees...

Standard stump stuff, but after the hellishly long day he must have put in, he is very up, very energetic.

Getting to the the red meat now. Listing what a President must do. Sound slightly like Jeff Foxworthy, You might be a President, if you can stand steadfast. You might be a President, if you know what you believe and follow your beliefs.

Blah, domestic issues. Just stop spending.

Private social security accounts for young workers, gets loud cheers from the young workers... I think this third rail of politics is quickly becoming a voting issue for under 40 somethings.

No verbal stumbles or flubs... he definitely must have took a nap or drank some Red Bull.

Does the Global test bit.... big response, even from this homer crowd.

Flip Flop Hall of Fame bit. 'he said i voted for it before i voted against it'.

Bush,"I have spent many hours in the coffee shops of this great state, and I have never heard anyone speak that way". Absolutely devastating to Kerry the Brahmin from Mass. Plays well everywhere in the country.

USA Chants go up after stating his steadfast focus on defense of America.

struggles a bit with enuciation.

Some bit about a guy living on the east side of the mountain and how he sees day thats coming. Segues into the days he sees coming, bullet points on domestic agenda goals.

Wraps up speech with intent to continue what he has done as far as holding up the honor of the office and defending America.

A nice appearance, very energetic, they must be dragging after the schedule they put in today, even if they could nap during travel.


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