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   Saturday, October 30, 2004  

Terror Threat Level Unchanged

The Drudge Report indicates that the threat level is unchanged. This seems odd to me. There has been talk since the Spain train bombings anticipating a pre-election day attack in America. Should not the threat level change just because the election is almost here?

Tack on the hour long video release of Azzam the American, and OBL himself, looking tanned rested and ready, and I would think Tom Ridge would have us at Yellow if not at orange.

Granted, neither video is specifically threatening, they strike me as more like blowhards trying to sound mean because it is all they can do. Granted also that the Democrats would squeal like stuck pigs about the 'October Surprise' nature of a rise in threat level. But this is post 9-11 and politics should take second seat to security. Whatever happens, Democrats are going to cry Karl Rove!

I have definitely raised my threat level awareness this weekend, I hope everyone is as careful as they can be

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