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   Friday, July 25, 2003  
I see dead Iraqis

The display of Saddam's dead offspring seems to be garnering some negative press, shocking as that might sound. Arabs seem to find it beneath the U.S. of A. to display the corpses.

I will take these reports a bit more seriously when the film of the muslim Somalis playing soccor with US soldier's heads stops running thru my mind. Or maybe after the clips of Iraqi's displaying dead Americans a mere few months ago at the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The fact that some arabs, or muslims are upset with the US for doing this isnt surprising, what is surprising is how unsubtle the press feels it can be in displaying thier bias. It is one thing to report on factual situations, and peoples opinions regarding events, it is another thing altogether to ignore previous events and attitudes which lend context to the current set of events.

Were the bodies not displayed, I am certain the very same news outlets printing anti-US story lines regarding the display, would now be printing Arab suspicions of subterfuge due to the Americans holding the bodies at a "secret" location and not allowing anyone to view the dopplegangers....
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