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   Thursday, July 24, 2003  
Hi blogger, you suck.

I think it says something for one's brand that in the few short years your brand has been in existence, it has become synonomous with suck.
Beyond that it has become cliche, bourgoisie, it is like joining AOL in '98, Like buying tech stocks in April of 2000, like downloading netscape in 1999...

Bah, that is not really how it is, its more like going to McDonalds, where you get the calories to provide the energy for bodily functions, you even get the nutrients (mostly) to keep you alive, and in a fairly efficient way, for a reasonable price, but you regret it eveyrtime you go because it sucks!

So damn you McBLogger, damn you to hell. You dont even have decent fries.
   posted by Joel at 7:36 PM

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