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   Thursday, May 15, 2003  

The Texas legislators, holed up in their Ardmore, Oklahoma hideout have garnered quite the media blitz, how special. Now the leftists are crying because duly authorized law enforcement agencies are tracking them down. God forbid that we try to enforce laws against Democrats.... that is fascist, Democracy is dead! Oh the humanity!

This tiresome charade the Democrats go thru anytime they do not get their way was funny at first, now its just annoying. They whine and mewl to their sympathetic cronies in the media, working some anti-democracy angle, and pretend that, like a small child, if they throw a big enough fit, they will convince everyone of how wronged they have been. Why by the whining and mewling coming from this bunch's media lap dogs, you would think FBI snipers were shooting at them every time they opened a door, or that Ashcroft was directing the ATF to lay siege to their hotel, and planning to burn it down with them inside.

We are in the last dieing days of Democracy in America. Soon, a phone call from the ruling aristocracy will have the IRS auditing thier records, the FBI maintaining files on them to be perused by the politically powerful on a whim.

What’s that? Their drastic actions are necessary to avoid this unprecedented deviation from "established tradition". Always beware the liberal who speaks like a conservative, but even more importantly, always beware of anyone that talks like a liberal. Josh Marshall seems to imply that State Republicans, at the urging of Tom Delay are trying to consolidate their fiefdom into a dynastic Republican Hegemony to last until, well, forever. Here is a little perspective.

It is funny, Jim Crow was an "established tradition", somewhat more than a tradition, but bear with me. Liberals didn’t have any trouble whatsoever breaking that precedent, and rightfully so. The redistricting legislation the Democrats are now so busy avoiding, gerrymanders Texas such that it makes the old Jim Crow south look positively integrated. You see dear reader, integration is great for you and me, but please don’t let something so bourgeoisie come between a Democrat and its (we want to stay gender neutral after all) elective office. Yes, lets look at Martin Frost's impervious district, (24) (Joe Barton is 6) you will find Frost's 24th full of low to middle income minority/immigrant neighborhoods and college campus's, except for the little amoeba like encapsulation of majority white neighborhoods.

Us whitey's are hard to swallow ain't we Frost?

Look at district 6, look at it! It isn’t even contiguous. If a Republican drew that district they would get hounded out of office for racial gerrymandering. But Democrats do it to preserve "historical districts". It is very important to a historically Democrat leaning state like Texas, which has been leaning Republican for the past 15 to 20 years, to maintain those "Historical districts". Texas has been in court trying to get sensible congressional districts since 1994. I think this paragraph pretty much sums up the 90's :

Democrats drew the most effective partisan gerrymander for congressional elections in the nation in 1991. The eight Republican incumbents were put into districts packed with Republican voters. These incumbents won overwhelmingly, but despite the fact that the statewide congressional vote was evenly split, Democrats won 21 of the remaining 22 seats -- including the three newly-created seats, each of which were filled by state legislators who had served on redistricting committees. Only one of thirty races was decided by a margin under 10% in 1992.

So you see, what we have here is not Republican over reaches of power. Nor some Fascist regime trying to consolidate power and remove its’ competitors. As with much that involves Democrats, the characteristics they claim apply to their rivals, are most aptly applied to them. Josh Marshall points out that re-districting once a census cycle has become the norm the past half century, but back in the 1900's re-districting would happen as power shifted. His implication is that the latest norm, the one that developed during Democratic dominance of many state houses and congressional delegations, is the preferred state of nature and all things holy..... I am sure that is true from his point of view. I bet the Baathist's miss the norms that had developed over the past half century in Iraq as well.

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