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   Saturday, April 05, 2003  
Format Changes

This blog has been more of a journal and/or vanity page than anything else. I have had musings, ideas, and revelations that I felt were prescient (no bias of course) and cursed myself for not documenting them. All pretty standard fare. But most of my commenting and, for lack of a better term, copy production happens in comment threads or emails to other sites. So I will begin linking to those threads or sites, and possibly, if the situation is proper, publishing the emails.

To begin, here is a little diatribe I felt the need to deliver to a curious commentor. I have wanted to write something similar to this here, but have never taken the time to get all the thoughts and research done. The comment skims a lot of ground very fast, but it sketches out my opinion of the situation in general terms. I wish I had time to link back to all the news articles that provide background and substantiation for my opinions, but I will have to rely on readers being info/news junkies like me.
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