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   Tuesday, April 08, 2003  
For the Children

We daily see the destruction in Iraq. We are sure to see the images of civilians injured and killed. And we are guaranteed to be shown the images of children, maimed, burned or killed. The point is driven into our hearts and twisted with questions, is this what America is about?

This is exactly what America is about. We are freeing a nation from a sick and twisted tyranny in which children are indoctrinated or imprisoned. If God offered you the chance to save millions of children from the oppressive enslavement of such a regime, but there was the chance that hundreds or even a few thousand children could die by your hand... would you accept? Would you bargin with God to try to insure that there was no chance of damaging any children? Would you try diplomacy for 12 years?

Or perhaps you would then turn to the Devil, and ask him if he would guarantee that no children would be harmed, if you guaranteed you would not try to remove the Devil from his soveriegn hades. Do you think he would agree? Do you think he would comply?

War is a nasty business, its heart rending, the death of innocents, the deaths of people who are of such good fiber, that thier loss to thier respective societies is immeasurable. War is not something to be entered into lightly, nor carried out on whim. We saw the result of this approach in Mogadishu. In War your resolve must be implaccable, your goals clear. You must make your final intent known and proceed toward that intent with such focus and resolve that you quickly convince your adversary that your will cannot be denied. That is the quickest path to peace, and should your resolve, and ability to enforce that resolve are known prior to War, then often times war can be avoided altogether.

Once War is begun, our resolve must remain as solid as granite as the waves of horror break against it. Should our resolve resemble sandstone and crumble under a few crashes, our reasons, forming the foundation of our resolve must likewise be weak. And should we be led to such a horrible solution as war, with such weak reasoning, we should surely deserve to drown in an ocean of chaos as our resolve crumbles within us.

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