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   Thursday, April 03, 2003  
Americans and Canadians

As an American, Texan, and conservative I was disappointed by Canada's stance regarding America's removal of Saddam. But being a resident of the Dallas area, I am friends with a number of Canadians who have moved down here due to being Canadian educated nurses recruited to work in American hospitals. I can honestly say, I have never met a Canadian I didn't like. They are truly good, salt of the earth people. But here I must give full disclosure.... I have not met any French Canadians. All the Canadians I know are of British ancestry from the maritimes and Calgary areas. And from what I gather in talks with them, the French Canadians are something of a squirrely sort, whose only redeeming feature seems to be the occaissonal great hockey player they produce.

I cannot help but notice that the members of Canadian government who most seem to oppose America have French sounding names. I am totally fascinated by this feature of Canadian culture, they are still very colonial. The British descendants still pay homage to Great Britian, and likewise I assume, the French Canadians have a very soft spot in their hearts (if not their heads) for France.

The impetus for this post is the recent arrival of a great new Canadian, Mr. Jack Frederick Macmillan, Who if his mother and father are any indication, will be a magnificent addition to Canada.

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