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   Monday, March 24, 2003  
Weapons of Mass Media

The information age merely means that information is used as a front during combat.

It is much easier to get a man to do what you want, if you make him believe its in his best interest, than it is to point a gun at him and tell him to do it.

If Saddam could provide credible evidence that thousands of innocents were dying each hour and that our troops were pillaging and raping, he would win the battle in about 2 weeks.

The Vietnam war was probably the prototype of this type of war, but with the information distribution technology of today, it is much easier to effect rapid gains on this front.

The fire pits around baghdad are not there to guard against laser guided munitions, our munitions are using gps guidance. It is there to allow Al Jazeera and any other useful idiot or intentional propagandist to point at the pictures and claim that Baghdad is burning.

The US military has of course forseen this eventuality and is taking all the steps it possibly can, to avoid bad PR kills and wanton destruction. While expecting Saddam to try to gas his own people and attempt to blame US forces for the destruction. Just as he plans to use terrorist tactics if we try to occupy urban centers, hoping to create high civilian causulties and blame it on the occupying force.

Which raises some interesting questions regarding how the military intends to occupy Baghdad while they search for Saddam and the WMD's.
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