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   Monday, March 17, 2003  
The War is Upon us

I think the Stock Exchanges expressed everyone's feeling of relief to finally be moving in the direction that we all new was going to happen since at least January, and most knew for the past 12 to 18 months. Finally we can move thru the crucial battles, take the worst that Saddam is going to give and hopefully that wont be nuclear (more on that in a moment). The feeling of relief, that we are finally going to proceed is cathartic, even though it is only the beginning, but after 11 years of Iraq lingering over this country like undone chores that you know are only getting more onerous the longer you put them off, it is a relief to finally commit to finishing them.

These types of articles are always somewhat disturbing, but they are a reality of war, I am always wary of military operations that are based on P.R. or morale boosting objectives over concrete strategic objective. A proper mix of the two is very important. And it is comforting that the military planners are fully expecting, and preparing for chemical attack casualties. I think the greatest fear has to be the possibility that Saddam is looking to create on large battle front in or near Bagdad which requires a massing of our troops and then hopes to attack them with a WMD to inflict massive causalties, in hopes of demoralizing us into retreat. I do not think the lives of his armies or citizens is of a concern to him. The only real question is whether he is hoping to survive this conflict, or go out in a "blaze of glory".

I think the U.S. Military has a couple of surprises in store for all of us, and I dont think Saddam is going to enjoy them.
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