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   Saturday, March 22, 2003  
War Analysis

I have spent all morning catching up on the war and the various analysis and commentary related to the war. I have begun several posts, only to delete them, I am churning with opinions and assumptions and anxieties, like most everyone else.

One thing that I think is becoming clear, is that our first strike against Saddams summit meeting Wednesday night was successful in removing the head from the regime, if not literally, at least practically. I say this due to the fact that the Liberation forces are capturing oil fields and oil depots that were wired to explode. I think it is becoming obvious that Saddam intended a scorched earth policy of destruction, and as I said below, would climax in a violent end at some point during the Baghdad siege.

It looks as if the top tier of command and control are absent from the Iraqi military, leaving the second tier of commanders to handle thier respective duties on thier own.

I think the most disturbing thing personally for me is the cautious hopeful way Iraqi's are greeting the troops, because they dont trust us due to our head fake back in Gulf War I. I pray we arent head faking Iraq again with half measures toward giving them freedom, but nation building is devilishly tricky, the populace has to want freedom, you cant just give a people thier freedom, they have to be willing to take the responsibility and not follow ever imam or tin pot that gets in front of a microphone. Lots of Unknowns coming at us, lots of risk, lots of opportunity, lets make the most of it.
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