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   Saturday, March 22, 2003  

I was minding my own business, being the news/blog junkie that I am and came across a set of links that are perhaps the most surrealistic circumstance I have had in a long time. First I am reading Instapundit which links to jeff jarvis' blog which led me to this curiousity, a base newspaper for a military base in Afghanistan. Weee i was in high cotton, getting news from an American military outpost in Afghanistan! from here things began to turn. First I am reading down and find a reference to Boz Kashi, which is apparently the national sport of Afghanistan. So being the curious chap that I am, i google it to find out what exactly Boz Kashi consists of.

Well, to an American, Boz Kashi is pretty unusual. Apparently it consists of a bunch of guys on horses, competing to put the headless body of a goat in the opposing team's goal. Much like polo I assume, except for the ball, mallet, and fashionable clothing line....

But that is not where it became surreal, oh no boys and girls, the surreal began when I clicked
this link. while researching boz kashi on google. This page seems to list some stats and bio's of famous boz kashi players. Hilariously enough, the first one is a 34 year old lesbian. while the last one is apparantly a fanatic hijacker.

Only on the internet.....
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