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   Sunday, March 23, 2003  
Bush War Criminal?
Chris Maxwell and Hilary Charlesworth of Australia write that the Iraq war may be a crime.

My response:

"...a war that undermines the system of collective security established by the UN Charter..."

Which Collective Security are you concerned about? Certainly not US security, or British security, or even Australian security, all of which have had Al qaida sponsored attacks go off, or stopped just prior to happening. What does this have to do with Iraq? A valid question. Iraq is plainly funding suicide bombings in Israel, that is not even being argued anymore. There are also confirmed reports from the Czech Republic that high Level Iraqi officials are meeting with Al Qaida members. All the while, the people blocking the final resolution in the UN have conflicts of interests regarding the current regime in Iraq, a point that you are obviously ignorant of, or you would have of course mentioned in your editorial.

Finally, you quote the opening words of the the UN charter as a reminder to us all of the purpose of the UN "We the peoples of the UN determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war." What about the scourge of Terrorism? What International body is dealing with that scourge ? None, and the UN has demonstrated a complete lack of initiative to begin, therefore the US and its coalition of the willing must take the lead after giving the UN ample opportunity and encouragement to be a part of the process. An offer we were informed would not be accepted regardless of evidence found by inspectors, by the French delegation to the UN.
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