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   Sunday, January 12, 2003  
Challenger, Nasa, and the American Spirit

Another shuttle, scattered across earth along with its cargo, heroic pioneers who were examples of the best and brightest pioneers the human race had to offer.
No amount of money can replace what was lost February 1. I mourn with the families of the Astronauts for thier loss, as well as Americas loss.

America was colonized by pioneers. Not by government employees. Americans may well colonize space. The United States of America will never colonize space.
NASA is a government program, as such it is subject to poor management structures, spotty oversight, and a lot of private contractors battling to suckle at its nipples
for that sweet green taxpayer funded milk. NASA will never have the leadership focus required to obtain space colonization goals. They do well just maintaining the focus they
have. Too many competing interests have a hand in NASA, as with any government program, too few of the participating parties are interested in the agency's mission.

The great thing about America is that we dont need the government to do it for us. Just hint at a little gold, show us a far land with no social security numbers required,
let us dream that eternal dream, and we will get there by ourselves. We will build our own rockets. we will develope our own ingenious solutions, or hackneyed fixes, and once
we get there, we will lie to all our friends about how great it is so we dont look so foolish for having gone in the first place, and the next thing you know, New San Francisco, Mars is home
to the best little steakhouse more than one astronomical unit from the sun.

That is my optimistic feeling, not in easy feeling to come by in these first years of 2000, which is shaping up to be a poor century. Over the next few weeks, I would like to discuss
the reasons why private enterprises can and cannot take us to the stars. In the meantime, check out some info on small operations dreaming big dreams.

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