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   Tuesday, November 12, 2002  
Post 911 Politics

I have been waiting for the pundits to mention 9-11's effect on the national politics, but I have not seen anyone address the fundamental changes that the 9-11 attacks rendered on the American political scene. This is the first national election since 9-11-2001 and the Republicans won in a decisive fashion. The attacks of 9-11 did change America, they did make a majority realize the linkage between our national defense and our domestic issues. Americans are not in the mood to send idealistic doves to Washington now that they again realize that serious issues are at stake, and Democrats are behind the curve in adjusting their message to this.

Americans are no longer sympathetic to race baiting and class warfare, when it is readily apparent that there are some who would see us all dead regardless of our race or class status, we are all Americans together in our enemy's eyes, and we will stand together as Americans against a common foe, or we will die together as political enemies while Islamofascists use what ever means necessary to institute thier dream of world wide muslim hegemony.

This of course is all over-simplification, but the basic point is that the era of Clinton is dead. The era of foreign policy debutantes and an anti-military executive branch are over, the era of robbing our national security to pay for domestic items which were geared more toward shoring up one's political base than the good of the country is over.

Now we are faced with a Bush administration who appears to be truly concerned with national security, but not overly skilled at securing the nation. While thier military actions seem competent enough, their homeland security initiative is worrisome, as is the patriot act, and the utterly useless new security policies at airports, and the State Department Bureaucrats seem to be stuck in 1999 with respect to their middle east immigration policy, not to mention the horrible state of security regarding our actual borders and the INS's ability to control them.

If Democrats wish to become relevant again, they need to convince this country that the nation's security and liberties are its' top concern. That feminist initiatives and affirmative action, and classwarfare are secondary, and the protection of the constitution of the United States of America and the soveriegn country itself are thier top priorities. They need to convince Americans that controlling the borders are more important than letting Mexican nationals sneak thru safely.

Democrats lost because thier opposition to Bush was percieved as based purely on what they thought would let them win the elections, not on what the voters thought was best for the country, until Democrats have a vision of American safety and security that most voters can believe in and is superior to what Republicans offer, they will remain the minority party.

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