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   Saturday, November 09, 2002  

I really must comment on what a great week this has been for President Bush, this is a kind of week that puts you into the history books. Not only has he led this country through a very difficult period, he has led his party to dominance in the national and state governments, and even more amazing is that he is also leading the world to eliminating Saddam Hussien.

These are not individual victories, they are victories made possible by the accomplishment of the previous. Had not Bush been resolute in his path once we were attacked his party would not have achieved thier election victories, had they not achieved the election victories, the other nations would surely still be wrangling with the US over the security council resolution, instead of giving it unanimous approval. It is a refreshing change from the 8 years of the previous administration which had to consult with other countries and consider thier feelings before they could determine what was in our best interest, even in the face of a madman intent on mischief involving mass destruction.
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Ronald Reagan left office, the Berlin wall fell.

Bill Clinton left office, the WTC fell.

Our duty is to hold our leaders accountable, history surely will. >

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