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   Saturday, November 09, 2002  
isntapundit : A Spherical Redneck in Simple Harmonic Motion Has a hilarious post up from some threads in Salon's tabletalk, whatever that is. This is a fascinating look at the creatures in an environment in which they feel comfortable to talk freely.

A few of them seem to have the right idea about moving out of the country. In my experience, nothing cures anti-American feelings faster than moving outside of America and seeing just how low the standard of living is. For instance, the one chap that seems set on moving to Ireland may be somewhat dismayed when he cant steal mp3's from AOL/timewarner due to Ireland not having any broadband, and dial-up is still bought on a per minute charge, not flat rate.....

That is not to denigrate other countries, other countries are great, especially other democratic, capitalist countries, it is just that there are a lot of things in America that we take for granted, that just arent standard fare in other countries.
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