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   Tuesday, November 05, 2002  
FOXNews.com Is reporting that the GOP has recaptured the Senate. I know some Supreme Court Justices are Thanking God, because now they can retire. And we can finally start filling other benches with the nominees that Bush wants, if nothing else, those judgeships are worth it, now if we can get some good tax relief, get our national defense and intelligence community back on track, and curb the idiotic spending, America will be on the rise again.

But sweetest of all is the utter repudiation of the likes of Al Gore, Terry McAuliffe, and Bill Clinton, not to mention the proxie war that was the Senate race in South Dakota, which at this time appears to be going for Bush's hand picked candidate, but it is still too close to call.

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Ronald Reagan left office, the Berlin wall fell.

Bill Clinton left office, the WTC fell.

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