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   Wednesday, October 30, 2002  
Let everyone have a gun, is an article discussing the merits of gun laws in Australia. It is funny, liberals want to point to other countries to bolster their points on various liberal issues they have on thier agenda here in the US such as socialization of healthcare, welfare, and they used to point to foreign gun laws, proclaiming that stricter gun control was responsible for the lower murder rates in other countries. For some reason they no longer seem to hold countries like Australia or the UK out as examples we should follow.

Probably the most interesting thing in this article for me is the following
In the rash of public school shootings in the US during the late 1990s, several shootings were stopped by armed principals or teachers (for example, the shootings at Pearl, Mississippi, and Edinboro, Pennsylvania), presumably saving many lives.

Once again, to point out liberal inconsistencies, were guns treated like sex, every child would recieve gun training by 10th grade and probably have access to free guns, right next to the free condom jar....

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