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   Saturday, October 26, 2002  
Inaugural post
This report described the snipers flashing cash and taking plane trips to undetermined locations while living in homeless shelters, this reeks of a terrorist cell, which was waiting to be activated. Even the sniper's call for cash to be transferred to an account could be just a ploy to disguise the terrorists true motives thereby deflecting retaliation on the instigators.... and who would the instigators be?

I hypothesize that intelligence operatives indirectly controlled by Iraq were funding and directing the snipers as to their general goal (terrorizing DC and the surround suburbs). If this is in fact true, it will mark an escalation in the war we are fighting, due to the fact that in all previous attacks, groups were eager to take credit or at least not trying to hide their affiliations after the fact. The snipers, while associated with the nation of Islam, are not directly associated with any of our usual Muslim attackers and if they were directed by a radical Islamic terrorist organization (RITO) controller, the secrecy with which this operation was conducted would indicate that the terrorist groups are now fearful of retaliation and are taking measures to protect themselves from retaliation while still attempting to inflict maximum damage to our society, they have moved into guerilla terror tactics.

Guerilla terror tactics, RITO operatives utilizing disaffected and mentally unstable citizens to attack America.

If this is not troubling enough, consider the fact that the Nation of Islam heavily recruits from the large pool of black inmates in this country. Then consider our options as to who to retaliate against if we have no concrete evidence as to who supplied a person such as John Muhommad with a nuclear device, or a dirty bomb, or a biological weapon, etc.

If you feel a bit helpless in reading all of this wild conjecture, you may want to consider the candidates on the november ballet and where they stand on national security issues including the funding and mandates of the CIA, FBI, INS etc.

Personnally, I wish we had a Herbert Hoover running the FBI now.
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