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   Thursday, October 31, 2002  
Alternate Reality

The internet is rife with conspiracy theories on how the Republicans killed Paul Wellstone. Undoubtedly the story will make it into mainstream papers a day or two before the election, probably on the basis of commenting on the stories popularity themselves but no doubt being very non-judgemental as to the likelyhood of truth and most definitely conveying the nonsense in its totality to thier readers.

Well, I just happen to have a little conspiracy of my own I would like to share with everyone. The Democrats are killing thier failing candidates to win the seats on sympathy votes! There I said it, if I dont post over the next few days, start checking state funded mental health centers for me.

Lets look at the trend. Jean Carnahan won on sympathy after the death of her husband, and now Mondale will most likely win a campaign that Wellstone was possibly going to lose. And Torricelli, while not killed literally, was killed figuratively in the polls so the Democrats made him step down and replaced him with another party hack.

They of course do not use this drastic measure very much, only enough to retain thier vaunted majority in the Senate, Lookout Representatives if the Democrats ever regain controll in that house.
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