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   Sunday, October 27, 2002  
Ahhh the luxuries of Freedom

This weekend saw the gathering of thousands of honest, fearful, and cynical people to protest "Bush's War" (not sure if they have trademarked that yet). How they must enjoy their freedoms, to openly criticize the government, to defame the members of the administration, and yet not even fear arrest. I mean, even if they are arrested, they will mark it as a badge of courage for some reason, as if getting arrested in America is comparable to the brave souls that get arrested for protesting in Cuba, China, or any other nation ruled by tyranny.

I feel it necessary to bring up a small point that irritates me to no end. While it is true that the protesters have a small minority of members who are anti-violence in any form, the vast majority of the protesters are merely politicos trying to attack a Republican administration and agitate for a Democrat win in November. Where were these protesters, when the former Democratic administration was lobbing missles at aspirin factories and bombing Iraq as needed to push its own embarrassing sex scandal off the front page headlines? Where were they when American soldiers were occupying Haiti, Somalia, or Bosnia?

Are we to deduce that violence is ok if you are ostensibly trying to deliver a pizza, but not ok if you trying to remove a weapon?
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Ronald Reagan left office, the Berlin wall fell.

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