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   Tuesday, November 02, 2004  

No Frost this Session

Martin Frost is about to concede his campaign against Pete Sessions.

Oh happy day, oh happy day. I am sure he could move to New England and have a fruitful career in politics....but no more in Texas.
   posted by Joel at 7:08 PM

   Monday, November 01, 2004  

Live Blog Bush's Dallas Campaign Stop

Listening on WBAP radio who is carrying it live, 9000 tickets which were given away before the event was publicly announced.

Loud crowd, chanting 4 more years...

Laura doing intro after having been intro'ed by unknown male voice.

Laura, just listening to her Texas drawl is refreshing.

Short intro, about 2 minutes.

Bush mentions 2000, his last campaign rally was Dallas and he won. This year, after 6 campaign stops, Dallas is his last campaign stop and he is going to win.

Says he has a feeling Texas will be a Red state tomorrow... heh.

lol, says most important reason to put him back in, so Laura will be First lady for 4 more years. "She has put her SMU degree to good work." (a shot at the view that many female college students major is a future successful husband?)

(Speech venue is SMU meeting hall)

Making jokes, identifying with college crowd. complimenting daughters help on the campaign trail, "no you cant have thier phone number".

Asking everyone to vote... to vote for Pete Sessions in his campaign over M. Frost. (Happy day when Frost is gone.)

Thanking various other State and national Texas Republicans, both senators, etc.

Big cheer for him thanking Toby Keith... "sounds like maybe he should be running"

Thanks the other entertainers, Tracy Bird and SMU band. Thanks attendees...

Standard stump stuff, but after the hellishly long day he must have put in, he is very up, very energetic.

Getting to the the red meat now. Listing what a President must do. Sound slightly like Jeff Foxworthy, You might be a President, if you can stand steadfast. You might be a President, if you know what you believe and follow your beliefs.

Blah, domestic issues. Just stop spending.

Private social security accounts for young workers, gets loud cheers from the young workers... I think this third rail of politics is quickly becoming a voting issue for under 40 somethings.

No verbal stumbles or flubs... he definitely must have took a nap or drank some Red Bull.

Does the Global test bit.... big response, even from this homer crowd.

Flip Flop Hall of Fame bit. 'he said i voted for it before i voted against it'.

Bush,"I have spent many hours in the coffee shops of this great state, and I have never heard anyone speak that way". Absolutely devastating to Kerry the Brahmin from Mass. Plays well everywhere in the country.

USA Chants go up after stating his steadfast focus on defense of America.

struggles a bit with enuciation.

Some bit about a guy living on the east side of the mountain and how he sees day thats coming. Segues into the days he sees coming, bullet points on domestic agenda goals.

Wraps up speech with intent to continue what he has done as far as holding up the honor of the office and defending America.

A nice appearance, very energetic, they must be dragging after the schedule they put in today, even if they could nap during travel.


   posted by Joel at 8:57 PM  

Winning Hearts and Minds

Again more good news from Iraq. Again this is from J. Robbins article at National Review Online, I could have Just linked his article and highlighted these two links, but I want these news items to be as prominent as possible, even though Robbins column is well worth reading.
   posted by Joel at 8:52 PM  

Marines and Iraqis Rebuild Iraq

Good news from Iraq, this contractor finished his project $10k under budget, and he returned the overage.

Hattip J. Robbins of NRO.COM

   posted by Joel at 8:42 PM  

A Plague of Lawyers

Oh for the days of locusts. Here is a site tracking the sun blocking cloud of Lawyers hovering over polling stations across our land.
   posted by Joel at 7:37 PM  

Gen. Tommy Franks

I have had a high level of admiration for Tommy Franks since I have become aware of him. He has been on the radio a lot as of late, serving two roles. One being the promotion of his book "American Soldier". The other being his promotion of George W. Bush for a second term in office.

Today he appeared for two segments on "The Tony Snow Show", and was his usually persuasive and optimistic self. They covered a lot of ground, including the 'outsourcing of the capture of OBL at Tora Bora', the missing 380 tons, and whether he thought Kerry's 1971 hearing testimony was fair game in this campaign.

He stated that one of the factors which motivated him to actively support President Bush for re-election was Kerry's 1971 testimony. He further expounded that as a veteran of that war, he felt that Kerry had betrayed his comrades in arms, and that his conduct after he left Vietnam absolutely should be 'on the table' in this campaign.

He also mentioned a reply he gave a woman in California who asked him what was the exit strategy for the Iraq occupation. He replied "When we win". When asked how much money it will cost, " I will tell you when we win".

This is the attitude necessary to perservere and win. I will only add to the answer of how much the war in Iraq, whatever the price, it will be cheaper than having to confront Saddam at a latter date when he has long range missiles tipped with wmd, which the Duelfer report confirmed he was maintaining the capability to reconstitute and continue further development.
   posted by Joel at 7:12 PM  

Tim Cavanaugh Spanks Liberal Hawks

Tim Cavanaugh writes about the ephemeral nature of liberal Hawkishness and possible causes.

While I disagree with his position on the war, I totally agree with his assessment of this lot, and he has described something that I have been trying to put half as cogently in drafts for over a week.
   posted by Joel at 7:04 PM

   Sunday, October 31, 2004  

Redskins Predict Election

As diligent blog readers may now know, a trend has emerged which shows that if the Redskins lose, the party in the oval office lose it. The the Redskins lost. It is how they lost that strikes me as very telling.

It is my belief that this election will be decided by Democrat perfidy. They know they cant win honestly, they are going to steal this election thru illegal ballots, and trail lawyers. Just as the Redskins were robbed of thier win, so shall Bush be robbed of the oval office.

   posted by Joel at 2:56 PM  

1 reason to vote Bush

One photo that says it all regarding why Bush deserves another term in office.

   posted by Joel at 11:14 AM  

Photo Blog of 50 Reasons to Vote Bush

Photos showing why we need Bush to finish the job.

Link via Instapundit.
   posted by Joel at 10:06 AM  

Osama Tape

The Osama Bin Laden tape is a little different than the edited version shown on Al Jazeera.

apparently, Osama is a little miffed that our troops are hunting him and his cronies down so persistently. Also a reference to the CIA/FBI having raised thier threat level. So at least someone is perking up, even if it isn't Tom Ridge of at the Homeland Security offices.

   posted by Joel at 9:30 AM

   Saturday, October 30, 2004  

Terror Threat Level Unchanged

The Drudge Report indicates that the threat level is unchanged. This seems odd to me. There has been talk since the Spain train bombings anticipating a pre-election day attack in America. Should not the threat level change just because the election is almost here?

Tack on the hour long video release of Azzam the American, and OBL himself, looking tanned rested and ready, and I would think Tom Ridge would have us at Yellow if not at orange.

Granted, neither video is specifically threatening, they strike me as more like blowhards trying to sound mean because it is all they can do. Granted also that the Democrats would squeal like stuck pigs about the 'October Surprise' nature of a rise in threat level. But this is post 9-11 and politics should take second seat to security. Whatever happens, Democrats are going to cry Karl Rove!

I have definitely raised my threat level awareness this weekend, I hope everyone is as careful as they can be

   posted by Joel at 9:39 PM  

Hello Fallujah

Interesting story about a Marine Artillery group, our high tech weapons and the anti-Iraq forces counter-tactics. ( I love the phrase anti-Iraq force instead of Insurgents.)

   posted by Joel at 9:23 PM  

A letter to Andrew M. Sullivan

I rarely read your site anymore, as I find it either gravely ignorant, or purposely disingenuous, I cannot read your mind so I cannot
make a definitive judgment. Either way, you are not someone I care to read.

I have however read your criticism replying to Lileks criticism and then the later post asking Bush supporters to tell you why Kerry
would not fight the war on terror...'you are listening'.

He said he would not. He said that he would take strong swift action if America were attacked. That is not fighting, that is retaliation.

He said that he would use diplomacy to convince our allies to share the burden. George Bush has already done this. Our allies are
helping us, while it is shocking and disappointing that Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Russia, China etc. did not wish to ally with us
against the war on terror. It was not due to a diplomatic failure or a failure to show the need.

It is a global political posturing based on a milieu of reasons from France and Russia's financial dealings (weapons and oil), to the
fact that the whole situation is not China's problem, and aids some of their agenda items.

Therefore, if Kerry cannot convince allies to share the burden, will he continue to carry it? Will he window dress the situation by
bringing in the U.N.? Will the U.N. put meaningful troops on the frontline, on any line? Or will our soldiers just have to wear blue berets
instead of desert camo?

Can you name for me any potential members of Kerry's administration? The names I have seen bandied about are all either senate Democrats
or ex-Clinton administration members all of which except for Sandy Berger, I have only heard in this week, one week before the vote. And
Sandy Berger is under investigation for stealing documents from the Nation Archives.

So this group of potential cabinet members is going to conduct a war better than our current administration? A war they would not
conduct after the first attack on the world trade center, after the attack on the Khobar Towers, after an attack on the USS Cole?

Are they going to play for real now, because Osama declaring war on America is more serious now than when he did it twice in the 90's?

Kerry has a proven record in his anti-Vietnam war stance, and his actions since being elected Senator in 1984, of choosing the wrong path
to lead down. He encouraged the pull out from Vietnam, and the cut off of funds to help South Vietnam defend itself with our money. He was
for the nuclear freeze. He was against aiding the freedom fighters in Nicaragua. He was against all of Reagan's foreign policy positions.

And this is the root of the problem with voting for Kerry for President. For every statement I quote, for every position of his that I
refer to, you will answer with an opposing statement or position. You will point to what you WANT TO BELIEVE, not what is probable to

I know very few things in this Presidential Campaign, but one thing I do know is that Bush will fight, Bush will stay and get the job
done, and when avoidable mistakes are made, like Abu Gharib, Bush will apologize, like he did on Arabic TV, and correct the problem. Bush
didn’t say this war would be easy, he said it would be hard and difficult and probably long, he never promised troop reduction within a
year, he said we would be at it until it got done. It is utterly maddening to see you and O'Reilly and any number of others characterize
this war as going badly.

This war is going as any war goes, it is war. We have an exit strategy, when Iraq can stand on its own two feet as a free democracy, of
which type they will choose, then we will leave them to prosper or flounder on their own.

Kerry only promises us that he will make Iraq good again, with his "secret plan". Iraq was never good, when we started for Bahgdad, I
prayed that no WMD's would be used against our troops, as they got to the major cities, I prayed that street fighting wouldn't kill 10's of
thousands of our troops as I was led to expect from our glorious media. This war is going exceedingly well (as wars go) by all measures but one, the
media's and the democrats portrayal of it. Look at poll results from Iraq, we are winning the hearts and minds, don't trust polls? Go look
at how many recruits the security and police forces are signing up. Look at the media outlets that are growing, everyone one of these
people are either personally or generally being threated with death by the terrorists. yet still they come to build thier nation into a
modern democratic state, free of tyranny.

Kerry will do what he sees is politically expedient. This is his nature. Bush has shown that he will do what he must to secure America
against terrorism, he could still be dancing with the UN diplomats over Saddam, but he choose the much more politically risky course, that
gives us the best chance at security, with the most control over the proceedings.

Joel Mackey

   posted by Joel at 6:54 PM

   Saturday, August 02, 2003  
email schmeemail

format change (review early archive versions) deleted the email access.... email me at jkmack at comcast.net
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   Wednesday, July 30, 2003  

Ever feel particularly sarcastic, in general, with a nice helping of self-loathing on top, due to participating in an activity so cliched that you considered anyone who actively engaged in such an activity to be a dweeb, geek, or otherwise negative stereotype, and now have to admit that you are a full fledged citizen of dweebville or geekdom?

Yea, I hate when that happens.

Then again, I am posting up comments on blogger... I have not yet begun to loath myself. The only real question is, will my children laugh at me more for the pictures of me in plaid bell bottoms, or the posts to a .blogger url?

With all that said, I am reconsidering my position regarding whether or not fist fighting is superior to civil debate....and I gotta say, fist fighting is looking better all the time.
   posted by Joel at 5:08 PM

   Friday, July 25, 2003  
I see dead Iraqis

The display of Saddam's dead offspring seems to be garnering some negative press, shocking as that might sound. Arabs seem to find it beneath the U.S. of A. to display the corpses.

I will take these reports a bit more seriously when the film of the muslim Somalis playing soccor with US soldier's heads stops running thru my mind. Or maybe after the clips of Iraqi's displaying dead Americans a mere few months ago at the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The fact that some arabs, or muslims are upset with the US for doing this isnt surprising, what is surprising is how unsubtle the press feels it can be in displaying thier bias. It is one thing to report on factual situations, and peoples opinions regarding events, it is another thing altogether to ignore previous events and attitudes which lend context to the current set of events.

Were the bodies not displayed, I am certain the very same news outlets printing anti-US story lines regarding the display, would now be printing Arab suspicions of subterfuge due to the Americans holding the bodies at a "secret" location and not allowing anyone to view the dopplegangers....
   posted by Joel at 9:25 PM  
Tom Delay aka The Hammer

I have been a fan of Tom Delay since the early 90's when I first became aware of him as a Congressman from Texas. This speech only reinforces my feelings about him.

via little green footballs
   posted by Joel at 9:16 PM


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